N Drafting and Design specializes in structural detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing services. Since the beginning, we committed to meet and exceed  customer’s expectations by maintaining the construction schedules and providing top quality drawings. This is proven by our long-term relationships with structural steel fabricators and contractors.

We pride ourselves with a dedicated and hardworking team, always committed to excellence and professionalism. NDD consistently develops and implements new strategies and strict training for all our team members to ensure and improve the quality of our structural detailing services.

Here at NDD we deliver the best structural detailing services, all at competitive prices. We tailor our services according to our clients’ needs, in order to deliver accurate, reliable, and quality steel detailing services.

Our team offers exceptional support during the whole design, production, and erection process. It is one commitment we are proud to offer. We bring together all our expertise to provide promptly finished projects and optimized solutions during construction.

We offer our clients full packages for manufacturing and erection:

 – Advance Bill of Materials to Order Material

 – Structural Steel Detailing

 – Miscellaneous Metals Detailing

 – Commercial Buildings

 – Industrial Structures

 – Erection Diagrams

 – Shop/Fabrication Drawings

 – Structural 3D Modeling

 – Part List

 – CNC / Kiss Files

 – Shipping Bills

 – Shop Bolts List

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