North Drafting and Design  is a group of detailers offering complete drafting and detailing services for the construction industry. Whether it’s commercial, residential, industrial projects, bridges or miscellaneous steel, we can accommodate the work and get the job completed on time and on budget.


Our team offers exceptional support during the whole design, production, and erection process. It is one commitment we are proud to offer. NDD is focused on providing the best solution for our clients. We work to reduce erection costs by optimizing shop assemblies and by using bolted connections in all circumstances. Connections are designed according to CISC or AISC standards and the drawings are verified and stamped by a Professional Engineer. We work to make your work easy and simple.


Our detailing and connection design is according to CISC and AISC standards. If other standards are required (for example internal fabricator standards) we can accommodate and implement those specific standards into our detailing and design.




Outsourcing steel detailing services to N Drafting and Design can be beneficial in many ways. The biggest benefit is it can save you on the costs because we focus on giving you the results you want at a better price than hiring your own drafters.  It can save you thousands of dollars without any other commitments associated with the latter.


Nonetheless, outsourcing to NDD also gives you the flexibility of sourcing when you need them and scaling them back when you don’t. This can be very handy in managing your projects while getting the best possible outcome.


Getting the job done by our company can also be beneficial because it creates redundancy that is not available with an in-house drafter. What this means is, when a person assigned to a particular task gets sick, the job doesn’t get done. At, North Drafting and Design, we have multiple people who are trained to do the task right and do it on time. This can be convenient especially when projects have to always be on time.

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